Our Datapool Solution
Powerful, flexible technology

Our Datapool solution offers many options to enable us to tailor our technology to your business needs. We have a range of 'modules' that are fully compatible with each other and with your existing technology. These can be fully customised and you can choose which are best suited to your business.

Take a look at the following pages to learn more about some of our 'modules' and how they perform in a working business environment.

More modules, more choice
Datapool comprises a series of applications that operate seamlessly together, within a master data architecture. Contact us if you would like to know more about how these are delivered and how they could save your company valuable time and money.
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Data held within your dedicated Datapool is under your exclusive ownership at all times and is highly secure to your organisation only. Data is never shared with or accessible from any other organisation. Upon termination of a service contract, all data is returned safely to a client, in its entirety.
OCG Software operates an ISO 27001 compliant ISMS system for complete data security and GDPR compliance.