Our People
Our experienced team of professionals is the key to your business success
Meet the professionals
We have a pool of experienced people who understand that technology in itself is only part of the answer in solving data management issues. We invest time in seeking to understand the problem to be solved, the resources and expertise on hand to help solve it, and what it is realistic to achieve in a defined timeframe. Our Fusion platform enables us to bring the best of flexible new open-source technologies to play within businesses with legacy applications and business processes to support.
Whilst all our staff are involved in every aspect of our solution our company is organised by discipline to serve our new and existing clients.
Account Managers
Experienced and knowledgeable, this will be the first person you meet from OCG Software. Our account managers are trained to listen and understand where your business currently stands from an IT perspective. Each client is allocated a permanent Account Manager as a primary contact at OCG Software. Account Managers are responsible for determining clients’ needs, through to agreeing contract terms for solutions and services to be provided.
Project Managers
Once a solution has been agreed you will be allocated a Project Manager who is responsible for managing the process of migrating you from where you are, to where we have agreed we will take you. We work at your pace understanding that the process of implementing MDM is a journey, not a destination. We will gradually migrate all of your company data and processes into a single system. This may take months, or years. Change takes time. This will involve migrating some applications entirely into Fusion, some will operate in conjunction with your existing applications and sometimes we leave your legacy applications entirely as they are. It is very rare for example to change your accounting system, usually a cornerstone of a business and central to its existence.
Software Development
Your Project Manager acts as your conduit into our software development team so you typically will not deal directly with our software engineering team. Your Project Manager will define any system developments or changes required by you and liase with the development team to deliver your solution. Over many years we have developed a comprehensive suite of applications which currently comprises over 400 individual modules. If your requirement is unique, we simply develop it for you, modularise it, and make it available within Datapool. Fusion has a suite of Datapool applications that can be activated to suit your requirements. Most clients use a fraction of the Fusion resources available but as your business requirements change and grow it is comforting to know that most problems you will come across are rarely unique and will often have been solved already.
We have an in-house design team responsible for the look and feel of your unique Datapool solution. Initially this will take the form of a “Trading and Information Centre.” This is the central system accessible by your staff, stakeholders, partners and customers that exchanges information with you and your company. Often this will extend to your external facing web site. Many clients operate multiple web sites, some are content only whilst some extend to e-commerce activities. At OCG Software we believe a website is merely a sub-section of your master data that is made available to your clients or the general public. It should be a window on a sub-section of your business and data, not a separate entity. If you choose to extend Datapool to incorporate your web presence our design team is on hand to ensure consistency in your branding for both internally and externally facing elements of your business. Your Project Manager will typically liase with our designers on your behalf. In all cases we use the latest technologies to deliver an interface that is crisp, clean and fast.
We operate a helpdesk during normal business hours and can extend this to 24 hour support, 365 days a year where required. Our helpline is constantly available and manned to support your business and its staff to get the best out of our Datapool solution whenever you need support or advice.
Board of Directors and key contacts
Data held within your dedicated Datapool is under your exclusive ownership at all times and is highly secure to your organisation only. Data is never shared with or accessible from any other organisation. Upon termination of a service contract, all data is returned safely to a client, in its entirety.
OCG Software operates an ISO 27001 compliant ISMS system for complete data security and GDPR compliance.