The power of the Datapool master data solution
Since 2001 OCG Software has been building master data solutions. Over many years the scope and breadth of the data we have collated covers hundreds of disciplines and fields, across multiple countries and continents and in multiple languages and across multiple applications. As a business the master data you will need to record and keep current will be specific to you and your business.
We build you a secure, private branded portal

Your master data is stored in an open source mySQL database served to you via a private, secure branded portal. The master data is structured in a format that can be viewed, manipulated and served to the downstream applications in your business that require it. No more critical business data in disparate email trails, spreadsheets and documentation, in user mailboxes or fragmented filing systems.

Some of the downstream applications will be those that currently exist in your business such as your ERP or accounting system. We would rarely recommend a change to your existing ERP system which tends to form the bedrock to an existing business and its processes. Indeed some of the data that will be transferred and managed in your master data set will come from such applications either via a live feed API or regular backups.

Some of the downstream applications will be critical systems that you rely upon today. We will pull them into the master data solution so that they become embedded and the data is visible and can be accessed in the master data set from a single location.

Some of the downstream applications will be built for you by ourselves using our Fusion toolset and your Datapool solution. These may be replacement tools for existing dated, expensive or legacy systems which can be retired. Some will be new applications that your new toolsets will enable us to build for you. These are often business problems and processes that have been sitting on the “too difficult to do” list or may not have been considered due to cost or time restrictions.

Accurate data drives good business practices.

We start a journey where eventually everything is managed in one place, a single version of the truth.

The products, goods and services a business buys invariably become the products, goods and services a business sells with a degree of value-add, manufacturing, assembly, bundling, manipulation or transformation. This transformation rarely changes all the attributes of the objects in play but nearly always some of them. For example a product may be bought in myBuying, or sold in mySales, or appear in a catalogue in myCatalogue, or stocked in myStock and so on.
More modules, more choice
Datapool comprises a series of applications that operate seamlessly together, within a master data architecture. Contact us if you would like to know more about how these are delivered and how they could save your company valuable time and money.
.mySupplier .myCatalogues .myMasterData
Data held within your dedicated Datapool is under your exclusive ownership at all times and is highly secure to your organisation only. Data is never shared with or accessible from any other organisation. Upon termination of a service contract, all data is returned safely to a client, in its entirety.
OCG Software operates an ISO 27001 compliant ISMS system for complete data security and GDPR compliance.