Datapool helps clients Digitally Transform business processes into a simple single system where data is perfectly shared and managedWe make business software that is innovative, efficient, simple to use and built for change
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The majority of established businesses have core legacy applications and processes embedded within them that are constrained by the limitations of the technologies that support them. This leads to inefficiencies and operational restrictions. Replacing such systems is often difficult, expensive and time consuming. We have a pool of experienced people who understand that technology in itself is only part of the answer in solving such issues. We invest time in seeking to understand the problem to be solved and the resources and expertise on hand to help solve it, and what it is realistic to achieve in a defined timeframe. Our Datapool solution enables us to bring the best of flexible new open-source technologies to play within businesses with legacy applications and business processes to support.
Manage your 'pools of data' from one location
How Datapool can streamline your business
How many datapools does your company have? We start by understanding where a company’s data resides, how many applications are in use, where the data is duplicated, stale, inaccurate or simply missing and how staff access, use and share this data. It is always surprising how many organisations have so many sources of data within their businesses. Almost all companies will have an accounting system, some form of customer database, a supplier pool, a catalogue of products and/or services, sales records, stock, warranty details, return processes, email system, web site, document management, brochures, marketing material etc. Often these datapools do not interact with one another or operate seamlessly.
With Datapool we seek to enter the data once, make sure it is accurate, make it accessible to all the business applications and users that require access to it, keep it all in one place and make it simple to use and find. We use a methodology called DRY - Don't Repeat Yourself. Data is entered once and all the downstream applications that require or change this data are served from a single master data file.
Our technology platform Fusion underpins Datapool and is constantly growing as our client base grows and extends the areas of data management which we seek to support
Data held within your dedicated Datapool is under your exclusive ownership at all times and is highly secure to your organisation only. Data is never shared with or accessible from any other organisation. Upon termination of a service contract, all data is returned safely to a client, in its entirety.
OCG Software operates an ISO 27001 compliant ISMS system for complete data security and GDPR compliance.